Highlights from Wednesday

Some highlights from today:

  • Bjarne Jesperson carves amazing sculptures of connected rings out of wood using a collection of small hand tools. A book about his work is apparently coming out next year. He has developed a method of analyzing and classifying the models that allows him to discover new patterns for sculpture.
  • I’ve been interested in learning Processing for a while now, and Zsófia Ruttkay gave an introductory workshop.
  • Enjoyed a biking trip with friends up a hill to a lovely sculpture (and others went on the TV tower). We rented bikes from Velosophie, and I hoped to ride a tandem trike, but it didn’t steer easily enough, so I was on a geared coaster-break bike which was just a little too big for me. Going up was a bit much, but coming down was fun.
  • Harlan Brothers talked about the animation he did for Bach & Friends and fractal structure in Back’s Contrapunctus IX.

Bridges Presentation

Here’s the presentation from the Bridges conference today in it’s final form. This is a graphics-heavy presentation, so it takes a while to load! I might try to figure out if some compression is possible tonight or tomorrow.

Headed to Bridges 2010

In one short week, I’m headed to Bridges 2010 in Pécs Hungary, and I am privileged to be giving a plenary talk there. The conference schedule looks great, and I’m extremely excited about meeting great people and learning about their work. So excited, in fact, that my professional online home needs a bit of a facelift, hence this new blog. I already have number of online homes — twitter, facebook, delicious, she writes, linked in, and even my google reader. I also write on two blogs: Carfree with Kids and First Time Second Time. But none of those homes is really for my worklife and my old homepage is in a sad state of neglect. So here’s to a new leaf! After the Bridges conference I’ll be posting my talk and other materials related to the conference.