Getting ready for the fall

This week I am working on getting ready for my fall classes — creating syllabi to publish online, figuring out pacing and rough content, deciding how I will be grading and structuring classes. It’s fun work and gets me excited about the semester.

I’m teaching a new course this semester in game theory. We’re going to cover both combinatorial game theory and “regular” game theory, and the course is aimed at a beginning level. My biggest struggle right now is figuring out what I can reasonably accomplish in this topic with this audience. We’re going to start the semester with combinatorial game theory, so I hope to get them playing lots of games from the start. About half-way through, we’ll switch to the more traditional game theory topics. In this second part of the course, my aim is to have a lot of interesting discussions rather than to be too technical — I want to get them thinking about rational decision-making in a broad sense and give them an idea of how game theory addresses decision-making and strategies.

I’m also teaching abstract algebra and calculus I this semester, and those courses are in preparation as well. And I still have plenty of time to get distracted in making websites.


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