Refocusing After Class

Teaching a class does something nutty to my energy. Typically when a class finishes, I’m restless and unfocused. It’s a bit like stepping off of a stage, even when I’m leading the class from the sidelines. I’m so focused on the students, and so conscious of managing the various aspects of the class — understanding, focus, mood — that it is challenging for me to re-focus on the tasks of the day.

My typical strategy is to surfing the web and look at Facebook and other social media until my class-related energy dissipates. The trouble is that those screen tasks are so absorbing and addictive that I have a hard time pulling myself away and my nice break wastes my time rather than helping me to refocus and transition.

That’s why I’m on a social media break. I started last Wednesday and I’m going until this Wednesday night. I definitely worry that I’m missing something, but I know I’m really not, and I waste a lot less time. But I still don’t have a good way to refocus after class…


One thought on “Refocusing After Class

  1. Matthew Leingang (@mleingang) says:

    I totally agree, and I haven’t figured out how to manage it yet. One thing that’s helping me this term is that I have two classes on the same day in different buildings with an hour in between. So I can’t just go back to my office and zone out. I eat my lunch and think, “Well, now, what I can do…” usually I come up with a few quick things I can bang out on my iPad, like answer email.

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