Energy draining, again

My second section of Math, Art, and Design still feels very difficult to get through. I feel like the student are on the other side of a brick wall that has just one tiny window. Every once in a while I can see someone, but most of the time there’s too much in the way. The feedback from this class seems to be fine (as of the last feedback I collected from them last Thursday), but it’s hard to get them to talk to each other or to me. I had them sit around a larger table today in the hopes that would help, but it didn’t seem to. I find it draining to lead a class when I don’t feel connected with the students, and I’m stuck on ways to really connect with these particular students.

Next week we may start on a different unit, and perhaps that will help. And perhaps at the beginning of class on Thursday I’ll talk to them about why this is a problem for me and ask them to address the issue in their feedback. I’m also going to try as much as I possibly can to have them engaged in activities rather than having classroom conversations (those go fine in my other class, but it’s a very different group). I’ll find a way through.




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