Some success!

Today’s Math, Art, and Design felt better to me than the last one. I had the students sit at one large table again, and that helped since it is a very small class. It’s a bit awkward since I’m always getting up and writing things on the computer and coming back to sit down, but the arrangement is going well. I also read last week’s feedback before class and their writing assignments, including the one in which they came up with goals for the class so that made me feel more connected right from the start. I started class with an activity done in pairs, a game they had to play and figure out strategy, so there were connecting with each other, and then we discussed the strategy as a class. Then when we got to the challenging part of the work (we were doing Cantor’s diagonal argument), I made them tell me their objections. When I had a couple out, we went over the argument again, but this time everyone was warned to watch out for how we handled the objections. It wasn’t totally smooth, but I was still talking math with one student while the class was ending and everyone was headed out the door, and another student stopped to tell me about an artist showing at the AIB library that might interest me, so I’m calling it a victory!


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