Liberation Math: Week 3

This week in Liberation Math:

  • Math Problem for This Week: Shower vs. Bath
    • Watch this video of the shower vs. bath situation. Which is cheaper, the shower or the bath?
    • What information do you need to solve this problem? If you want to play along, ask questions and figure out what you need to know by tweeting your questions and thoughts using the hashtag #libmath. It’s also up to course participants to answer the questions, so figure out a way together to get those answers. Remember that we’ve all been trained up that math problems are neat, that there is a right way to do them, and that all the information comes from the teacher. We are thumbing our noses at that, which can make you feel shaky and insecure. Instead of doubting yourself, work with others can increase your safety and confidence.
    • Once you’ve gathered all the information you need, see if you can answer the question. We’ll feature an answer here from the class blog posts next week!
  • Readings for this week. We’d love to hear your thoughts!
  • We are also thinking about how to change the world outside of our class. You should feel free to check out the lists of tasks for class participants this week as well!

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