6 thoughts on “What if math class were a skillshare?

  1. suevanhattum says:

    I might have something to offer. Not sure how I’d join you all, though.

    There are ways to approach math at most any level that are more playful than what you’re used to. Want to practice some basic arithmetic? Play around with the Collatz Conjecture. Want to practice your logic skills? Play the game of Set. Want to do some serious problem-solving, with no obvious math in it? Figure out how the game Spot It is constructed. Want an intriguing problem with a light dose of algebra in it? Let me tell you about a Magic Pancake…

    • suevanhattum says:

      Can you do a skype call so I can see the whole class, and they can all see me? If the students want to try it, I’m game. They should tell me what level of math topic they’d like to explore through a math circle style gathering, or as a game or puzzle. What time is class?

  2. clenora says:

    Lately, Libmath has me feeling like I’m in a homedepot commercial. I love it! I think that even if someone gets involved in a group and they have nothing to offer other that their need, or want to learn, is contributing with that need or want. We are social creatures and love to let others know how to do something or encourage others. It helps our own egos to feel helpful. I noticed in our last class that their were a lot of request to learn more about money management and taxes. I think that I can offer help in that area, But the calculus and trig is a no show for me. YUCK!

  3. johnm0370 says:

    I think a skype call would be an interesting experience for the class. We could include is as a part of our book/zine/website. I think any new way that we learn should be included. One portion of this post that jumped out at me was “We are all teachers. We are all students…” I learn something everyday, whether or not I am in a class or at work. This is an important idea to hold on to as we all grow older. I feel like when we are young (grade school) we expect to learn something everyday, and as we age sometimes we fall into a pattern of being ok with our level of learning.

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