Math is [fill in the blank]

Today and tomorrow, I’m trying to get people to fill in this sentence: “Math is [fill in here].” Feel free to give your own answer in the comments below or on twitter. Once I get the blank filled in, I’m trying to prompt people to ask why or probe a little deeper. In part, this is preparation for a talk tomorrow that is on the liberation math class. The class discussed what we should do last week, and most of us liked the idea of creating a taste of the experience of the class. So we’ll talk about what math is, why it is that way, get people to contribute some brief memories and talk about what themes and stories we notice, and then talk about hidden curriculum and how we are working to reclaim power, starting with having people ask questions about pictures drawn from It will be fun!

The talk will be on Wednesday, 3/27 from 3:45-4:45, in Cambridge, MA (porter square) at 1815 Mass Ave, upstairs in room 2-078.


6 thoughts on “Math is [fill in the blank]

  1. Angela Vierling-Claassen says:

    What a great pair of first comments! I’ve gotten so far all kinds of responses from happy positive thoughts to angry and hurt comments. And for both Suge and Sue, I’d ask both “why?” and “when?” Why is it a nightmare? Is/was it always a nightmare? Who is it a nightmare for (you? others? particular types?). And same with Sue — If its both hard and fun, then why? Is it sometimes just hard and sometimes just fun or do those two come together? Does it ever stop being fun? When?

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