What is a Course?


maze (Photo credit: woodleywonderworks)

I can see the end of Liberation Math, the course. As we near the end, I want to both slow down to enjoy the last bit, and to ask “What next?” As I slow down, I start to ask myself this course actually is. Specifically, what is this course Liberation Math, but more broadly, what is a course in general? Is a course a collection of goals and outcomes that we meet in order to be successful at the course? Are courses stepping stones to a degree or a specialization? Are they administrative units that are collected in order to provide certification and signal productivity? Are courses events along a possibly transformational route to a degree? Do we need courses, or can education occur outside of them? Do courses help us focus, or do they constrain us, or do they do both?

I have a few readings and videos to share about courses and education.

From your point of view, what is a course? What are the benefits and drawbacks of the way our schooling is divided into these discrete units? What has this course been to all of us involved in it? What is the best way to wrap up the experience and move forward? Can we carry something with us that breaks out of the bounds of the class?


2 thoughts on “What is a Course?

  1. clenora says:

    I have watched both videos and have enjoyed them. I feel the in the libmath class I have learned more about the negative language that I have used through out my life toward math. And this class has helped me change that. This class has also made me aware of the fact that my fears surrounding math are unfortunately common. I think that the goal of this class has been to change that and spread that change. J. Morin
    P.S. Sir Ken Robinson is BRILLIANT!!!

  2. kjohns28 says:

    That’s a really interesting question to ask, “What’s a course?” When I think about the word “Course” I think about school… automatically. However, when I think about school I think about learning and I don’t necessarily associate learning with a course. Learning to me is an every day, every moment kind of thing.

    I also agree with what was said above about this class really making me more aware of how I can make a difference in my learning life through language. Even through no longer putting myself down about math, I’ve gotten better at it! More confident and I tend to take it more lightly than before. I used to get so embarrassed about my math abilities because I didn’t see them as text-book. But this class has given me a new view on what learning is and what being good at something means.

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