#6: A Spoonful of Music

It was just after I turned 30 that I started making playlists that got me out of bed and moving. I just finished recreating one that I used for a long time on Spotify (and you will simply have to forgive the fake Beatles since you can’t get real Beatles on Spotify). I made a number of these playlists and would typically associate each song with specific actions, like getting out of bed, eating breakfast, taking a shower, or brushing teeth. I also made specific playlists for things like working on my dissertation or doing household chores.

When my daughter was maybe 2 or 3 I wanted to do the same thing for her and found Childrens Miracle Music, which was the same thing only for kids. It had a little more religion than I would like, but it turned chores into the game, and in fact became known as “The Game” in our house. The game came with a chore chart and a happy voice telling everyone what to do next and how many songs we had to complete the next task. Beating the music was great motivation and the music kept the atmosphere fun. We used the game for a while, then stopped using it, and then later started again and I added my own voiced instructions and new songs. Eventually we decided to stop the game and move onto other systems, largely because the game required all of us to work at the same pace on the same chores, but I wouldn’t be surprised if chore playlists pop up again in our house in the future.


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