Highlights from Wednesday

Some highlights from today:

  • Bjarne Jesperson carves amazing sculptures of connected rings out of wood using a collection of small hand tools. A book about his work is apparently coming out next year. He has developed a method of analyzing and classifying the models that allows him to discover new patterns for sculpture.
  • I’ve been interested in learning Processing for a while now, and Zsófia Ruttkay gave an introductory workshop.
  • Enjoyed a biking trip with friends up a hill to a lovely sculpture (and others went on the TV tower). We rented bikes from Velosophie, and I hoped to ride a tandem trike, but it didn’t steer easily enough, so I was on a geared coaster-break bike which was just a little too big for me. Going up was a bit much, but coming down was fun.
  • Harlan Brothers talked about the animation he did for Bach & Friends and fractal structure in Back’s Contrapunctus IX.

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