Liberation Math Week 5: Becoming Creators

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Counting 1-10 workbook page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week in Liberation Math, participants in the class made a start at creating a book. The form is still uncertain (online? printed? both?), but we are going to use the book to put forth our best thinking about how to change mathematics education and how to change ourselves. The current outline of the book can be found in this google doc and includes the chapters:

  • Preface/Intro Section
  • Chapter 1: We are all makers
  • Chapter 2: Mindset
  • Chapter 3: How technology influences our use of math
  • Chapter 4: Re-imagining the way in which problems are communicated/solved

I’m excited and invigorated by all of the new ideas floating around, and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. I hope that we’ll be engaging with people outside the class that can help with the topics we’ll be writing about. For that, we people to engage with us, too read our writing, to give comments and suggestions, and to add ideas. We’d love to have you join us!

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